About Us

Welcome to Digital Sporting Group, our mantra is creating esports for all.

Thanks for taking the time out to find out a bit more about us.

We launched DSG in January 2018. As passionate gamers, the idea of people being able to play competitively and make money out of their hobby is something we want to help with.

Our aim is to increase the talent pool of Esports by: providing clear pathways from couch to pro combined with inclusive gaming.

Our team combined has over 30 years experience in the video games industry and esports. The esports engine behind the site was built by one of the most talented and experienced esports developers.

Whilst the mother ship is based in Australia, we have an office in London with staff helping us to expand our horizons into Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

We also have a Latin American based marketing team who (at the time of writing) is about to help us launch into South America - with our site digitalfootballleague.com

Our next logical move is to partner with a US based esports marketing team to build North America. We are quite well connected there, so this will become a natural extension.

What we need:

1) Sponsors: Site, tournaments, leagues, live events. This will help us 'keep the lights on'
2) Teams and players: a competition is only as good as its players and teams. Greater numbers will mean a higher standard of competition and more players and teams ready for the 'big time'.
3) Social media reach: help us by spreading the word.
4) An esports academy/tertiary education partner to help us grow our teams and players.

We are looking forward to an exciting journey with you.

Best Regards

Jon Rowe
Founder of Digital Sporting Group

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