EsportsW: Women's Esport Leagues

EsportsW – Womens division. It is estimated that approximately 16% of the Overwatch player base is female (5 million players), double that of other FPS games:

The fun art style, variety in gameplay, and ever growing character roster attract more diversity compared to other FPS games. Despite the new approach, women still only make up 16% of Overwatch players worldwide and even less in Esports leagues. Our goal is to improve those figures with EsportsW.

EsportsW is for women who are new to Overwatch, only dabbled a few times, or are looking to step up their skills. We support players of all levels to develop strong skills and even stronger friendships with each other. Matches are evenly balanced for player skill level and a zero tolerance for any harassment policy will always be in effect.

Join us in growing the womens Overwatch community and showing the world how we play.

a. The Womens division tournament is scheduled for 26th April

b. 6 players per team.

c. Sign up here: